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  • Most of Hotspots in Lampung Found in Plantation Area

    August 31, 2015 clip Ekuatorial

    Bandarlampung, Ekuatorial – Data from NOAA satellites which is monitoring the developments of hotspots in Sumatra, showed that up to August 23, 2015, 88 percent of fires occur in the plantation area. While the other 13 percent in the forest area. According to the Head of the Natural Resources Agency of Lampung Province, Subakir, he […]

  • Clean Water Crisis in Sitaro

    August 18, 2015 clip Ekuatorial

    Sitaro, Ekuatorial – Long drought causing water crisis in Sitaro Regency, North Sulawesi. There are 10 villages that are now suffering from water crisis. “We get the data from the field and the public complaints,” said the Head of the Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) Sitaro, Bob Ch Wuaten. These villages are Kampung Lai (Central […]

  • Endangered, Mangrove Forests of Aceh Tamiang

    August 14, 2015 clip Ekuatorial

    Aceh Tamiang, Ekuatorial – Mangrove forests in Aceh Tamiang, Aceh, endangered because of illegal logging as charcoal. “It occurs every day, even in areas that are being rehabilitated,” said Deputy Head of Security Unit in Forest Management Unit, Region III Aceh, Elvian, Tuesday (11/8). Neighborhood security patrols discovered dozens of fishing boat contains of 60 […]

  • Fish bombing in Raja Ampat at Alarming Rate

    August 12, 2015 clip Ekuatorial

    Sorong, Ekuatorial – Fishing using bombs still rife in the waters of Fam and Miosmanggara island, West Waigeo District, Raja Ampat, West Papua. Chairman of the Indigenous Council of Mayans, Kristian Thebu, said that there is a lack of Patrol. Due to the recurrence of fish bombing, three villages namely Fam Village, Saobabu Village, and […]

  • Natural Resources Conflict in Riau Still High

    August 04, 2015 clip Ekuatorial

    Pekanbaru, Ekuatorial – Riau province still ranks first in the issue of natural resource conflicts. The first half of 2015, Sustainable Social Development Partnership (Scale Up) record 31 conflicts occurred in Riau forestry and plantation sector due to the chaotic permit. Harry Oktavian, executive director of Scale Up in July 2014 said that the highest […]

  • Gum Rubber Theft Foiled by Rangers

    August 03, 2015 clip Ekuatorial

    Medan, Ekuatorial – The Great Hall of the Gunung Leuser National Park (BBTNGL) arrested gum rubber thieves and seized 8.5 tons of evidence. Two trucks carrying gum rubber ambushed at Sawit Sebrang Street, Padang Tualang, August 2, 2015, at midnight. Public Relations of BBTNGL, Rahmat Saleh said officers conducted surveillance after receiving information from the […]

  • Lawu Slopes Flammables During Drought

    August 03, 2015 clip Ekuatorial

    Ekuatorial, Wonogiri – 6,000 hectares of Perhutani (State-owned Forest Enterprises) land in North Lawu Forest identified as flammables areas during drought. The flammable region is in plot 63, which are located near the peak of Mount Lawu. Slopes in the Karanganyar and Wonogiri lose a lot of water sources because it did not rain. To […]

  • Karanganyar empties its landfills to contain increased waste during Ramadan

    July 22, 2015 clip Ekuatorial

    Karanganyar, Ekuatorial – Anticipating increased waste volume during holiday season, Karanganyar Sanitary and Park agency emptied available landfills in the area, said a senior official, on Monday (20/7). The agency predicted 20 percent rise of waste volume during seven days before Muslims’ Eid al-fitr celebration and a few days after celebration, especially tourists’ areas. “We […]

  • Two years sentenced for orangutan trader in Medan

    July 11, 2015 clip Ekuatorial

    Medan, Ekuatorial – Despite still lower than charged by prosecutors, two years sentenced for illegal wildlife trader was still considered as positive development in tackling the crime, said animal activists and officials. On February, Vast Haris Nugroho Nasution was caught red-handed in an undercover police set up for selling a baby orangutan (Pongo abelii), in […]

  • South Minahasa environment office investigates pollution by coconut oil company

    July 10, 2015 clip Ekuatorial

    Amurang, Ekuatorial – Following complaints from villagers, South Minahasa Environmental Office conducted an investigation towards a local coconut oil company allegedly polluting water, said a senior official, last week. Known as copra producer area, dozens of coconut oil companies established in South Minahasa, however, local villagers have long suspected that companies have been dumping waste […]

  • Normal routines for Sorong people amid high tide warnings

    July 09, 2015 clip Ekuatorial

    Sorong, Ekuatorial – Despite of early warning on high tides, people were still running about their routines either to sold coconut or to fish in the sea, said a local villager of Soop island, Sorong district, last week. “[The] south season has come with high tide but we are used to sign nature’s signs, such […]

  • Gemstone mining in Tincep village destroys forest

    July 07, 2015 clip Ekuatorial

    Tondano, Ekuatorial – Massive gemstone mining in Minahasa had taken its toll potentially damaging forest areas in Tincep village, Sonder district, Minahasa, Tincep head village, Rommy Dapu, said that villagers kept on hunting for gemstone and were difficult to be stopped. Up to Monday (6/7), local villagers have managed to dig at least to 20 […]

  • Lampung govt prepares 70 artesian wells to anticipate drought

    July 06, 2015 clip Ekuatorial

    Bandarlampung, Ekuatorial – To anticipate long dry season, Bandarlampung administration is planning to create 70 artesian wells in areas prone to drought, such as Kedaton, Koga, Panjang, Sukabumi, and Kaliawi sub districts, said Bandarlampung Mayor Herman HN. “For this year, local government also prepares clean water.” said Herman adding that water supply was sufficient in […]


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