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Degorontalo ialah portal berita bergaya khas, program Aliansi Jurnalis Independen (AJI) Kota Gorontalo.

Stories by “Degorontalo”

  • Lives of 3000 people of Lemito threatened due to declining coral reefs in Tomini Bay

    April 16, 2015 clip Degorontalo

    DEGORONTALO – Threatened coral reefs of Lemito sub district, Pohuwato, would eventually impacted its residents. “If coral reefs are destroyed then it will threaten food security, especially protein supply for 3,000 people of Lemito,” said Nilmawati of Destructive Fishing Watch (DFW), in a recent discussion held in AJI Gorontalo. Based on DFW data, fishermen of […]

  • Bakrie Group Subsidiary Allegedly Violated Regulations in Gorontalo

    February 02, 2015 clip Degorontalo

    DEGORONTALO – A subsidiary of Bakrie Groups, PT Gorontalo Minerals, has been accused of violating environment and forestry laws. The violation has been allegedly broke regulations after they have obtained borrow-to-use permit for forestry area from then Ministry of Forestry, Zulkifli Hasan, in 2010, as stated at a press release from Gorontalo’s Indonesian Miners Association […]

  • Degorontalo : Local villagers of Pohuwato prefer fish farming to protect its mangrove

    October 03, 2014 clip Degorontalo

    DEGORONTALO – Last July, Paddakauang Environmental Awareness Community (KSL) of Pohuwato district, Gorontalo province, conducted a training for local fishermen, particularly on coral reef fish farming. Members of two villages, Torosiaje Jaya and Bumi Bahari, were divided into five groups. Each groups comprise of five men who were given 100 fish seeds by KSL. There […]

  • Strengthening Coastal Society for Marine Conservation in Lemito

    June 05, 2014 clip Degorontalo

    In the past, environmental degradation in the coastal village of Lemito, Sub-district Lemito, District Pohuwato, Gorontalo was in poor condition. There was also widespread fishing activities that damage the environment. Now, a program of Indonesia Coral Reef Action Network will be developed in there. The program has components that consists of coastal society strengthening and […]

  • Keeping Mangrove, Bringing Back Antoni Fish to Bangga Waters

    May 16, 2014 clip Degorontalo

    Antoni fish or Kapia fish in Tomini Bay waters, especially in the Village Bangga, Sub-district Paguyaman, beach of District Gualemo, the population is reduced. This was due to the rampant harvesting of mangroves for firewood. Then, local government established Tomini Program for mangrove conservation, by seeking alternatives to firewood and doing mangrove seedlings. [Read full […]

  • 10 Institution Receive Mangrove For the Future Grants

    May 13, 2014 clip Degorontalo

    A total of ten civil society organizations in Gorontalo and North Sulawesi receive grants in small grants facility program Mangroves For the Future (MFF). The ten institutions will move in Pohuwato District, Gorontalo and South Bolaang Mongondow (Bolsel), North Sulawesi. [Continue Reading on Degorontalo]

  • Extractive Company Interfere, Anoa in Gorontalo Declining

    April 25, 2014 clip Degorontalo

    The endemic wildlife of Sulawesi, Anoa (Bubalus spp.) in Gorontalo on the wane. In addition to the amount due to poaching, population decline was due to endemic forest loss that has been earmarked for mining and plantation purposes. According to researcher of Anoa from Bogor Agricultural University (IPB), Abdul Haris Mustari, Anoa population is steadily […]

  • Agrarian Conflict Killed Farmers of Suku Anak Dalam in Jambi

    March 12, 2014 clip Degorontalo

    Land confiscation, agrarian conflicts and violence against Suku Anak Dalam (Kubu tribe) in Jambi has continued since December 7, 2013 until this March 2014. Approximately 700 of their huts has been demolished by security forces and PT Asiatik Persada, a Malaysian-owned palm oil company that claimed approximately 27,150 hectares of land there. According to the […]

  • Bongomeme Locals Land Purchased Very Cheap by Palm Company

    March 12, 2014 clip Degorontalo

    People in Liyodu village and Molanihu village, Bongomeme sub-district, District Gorontalo, must be willing to sell their land to palm oil company at very cheap price of Rp 750 thousand – Rp 3 million. In Gorontalo itself, palm plantation is something new. People are accustomed to planting corn, chili, coconut trees, and vegetables. Palm oil […]


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