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  • Coral Bleaching

    Coral bleaching is a major phenomenon affecting coral reefs around the world. An initial database of bleaching observations was compiled by UNEP-WCMC using a variety of sources. This database has been expanded by ReefBase at the The World Fish Center, using information from the ReefBase database, the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA), the […]

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  • Coral Reefs

    This dataset represents the global distribution of warm water coral reefs and should be seen an ‘interim’ global product. Note: Editing was carried out in April 2013 when a number of duplicate features were removed. The dataset has been compiled from a number of data sources which have been merged together by UNEP-WCMC and the […]

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  • Marine Biodiversity

    OBIS (2013). Data from the Ocean Biogeographic Information System. Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO. Web. http://www.iobis.org (consulted on 5 November 2013) The raw data behind the maps can be directly obtained as a CSV file at 1 degree resolution by clicking the source URL button on this page. In the downloaded files: column n = […]

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  • Shipping Lanes

    Shipping lanes are derived from vessel traffic from terrestrial AIS receivers or Satellite AIS receivers. The data covers the time period of August and September 2013 and currently is used as an example of typical vessel traffic through Indonesian’s coastal waters.

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  • Sea Grass

    The seagrass dataset has been compiled by UNEP-WCMC in collaboration with Dr Frederick T. Short, University of New Hampshire, USA to show the global distribution of seagrass species. This dataset has been created from multiple sources and was used in the creation of the “World Atlas of Seagrasses” (2003). This point feature dataset is an […]

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  • Piracy

    This dataset is sourced from the International Maritime Organization’s Global Integrated Shipping Information System and contains incidents of piracy and armed robbery defined as occurring within the coastal state of Indonesia. It includes both attempted and completed acts.

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  • Marine Protected Areas

    This dataset contains internationally recognized marine protected areas for Indonesia. Credit: IUCN and UNEP-WCMC (year), The World Database on Protected Areas (WDPA) [On-line]. Cambridge, UK: UNEP- WCMC. Available at: www.protectedplanet.net [Accessed 07/08/2013)]

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