Fires in Wasur National Park

Sorong, Ekuatorial – The fire started in Wasur National Park in Sota district, Merauke, Papua. The fire spread along Trans-Papua highway, but no extinction yet. Head of Wasur National Park, Anggodo said that the fires started from outside the area and fueled by landowners. “Burning is common but not big fires. Burning by landowners to […]

Fish bombing in Raja Ampat at Alarming Rate

Sorong, Ekuatorial – Fishing using bombs still rife in the waters of Fam and Miosmanggara island, West Waigeo District, Raja Ampat, West Papua. Chairman of the Indigenous Council of Mayans, Kristian Thebu, said that there is a lack of Patrol. Due to the recurrence of fish bombing, three villages namely Fam Village, Saobabu Village, and […]

Normal routines for Sorong people amid high tide warnings

Sorong, Ekuatorial – Despite of early warning on high tides, people were still running about their routines either to sold coconut or to fish in the sea, said a local villager of Soop island, Sorong district, last week. “[The] south season has come with high tide but we are used to sign nature’s signs, such […]