Sorong fishermen are facing difficulties over fuel price hike

Sorong, Ekuatorial – As it was getting far to catch fish in addition to recent fuel price hike, fishermen were having hard times in Sorong, Papua, said a fisherman on Monday (12/4). “Our fish catch areas are far from coastal areas. We have to look for fish up to Batanta island, around 30 miles from […]

Aru Islands threatened by plantation

Jakarta, Ekuatorial – Amid massive marine awareness campaign by government, activists on Wednesday (17/12) blasted permit given by ministry of forestry to turn natural forest of Aru Islands of northern Papua to become plantation. “We already know that Aru [island] is not suitable for plantation but permits were being issued. It is possible that they […]

New Marine Minister targeted illegal fishing

Jakarta, Ekuatorial – New Minister Marine and Fisheries Affairs, Susi Pudjiastuti, promised to optimize the country’s marine potential. “Indonesia’s marine wealth is enormous but have yet to be managed,” said Pudjiastuti in Jakarta, on Tuesday (28/10). Furthermore, she said that one of her concerns was dealing with illegal fishing and over fishing in Indonesia. “We […]

Papua Government Must Explain Current Condition of Papua Forest

The Papua provincial government should inform the public about the conditions of forests, an environmental group said. When Barnabas Suebu served as governor he dedicated 90 percent of Papua’s forests to efforts to mitigate climate change, but illegal logging has continued, said the director of Resource Management Development (RMD) Institute, Robert Mandosir, in Jayapura on […]