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Three Corporate Leaders Appointed for Land Burner Suspect

September 15, 2015

Palangkaraya, Ekuatorial – Regional Police of Central Kalimantan appointed three leaders of oil palm plantations as land burner suspect. Each served as President Director of PT Makmur Bersama Asia, Kuala Kapuas , PT Antang Sawit Perdana, Pulang Pisau, and PT Globlindo Alam Perkasa, Sampit.

“Three people have become suspect. They are all president director,” said Central Kalimantan police chief, Brigadier General Fakhrial, Tuesday (15/9).

He said, more than a week police investigators check directly to the location. There are more than five hectares of land burned in the area of the company. Therefore, three of them can be charged under Article 98 or 99 of Law No. 32/2009 on the Protection of Environmental Management. Also, Article 25 paragraph 1st of Central Kalimantan Regional Regulation No. 5/2003 on Land and Forest Fire Control. The maximum punishment is 10 years in prison.

Until now, a total of 30 cases and 30 suspects is being handled by the Regional Police of Central Kalimantan. Most cases are in Regional Police of Pulang Pisau, with a total of eight cases and eight suspects. While in East Kotawaringin and Kapuas are four cases and 4four suspects.

Meanwhile, fires in Central Kalimantan tends to rise and cause thicker haze. Extinction now assisted by 200 Police personnel of South Kalimantan and Central Java. “Hundreds of personnel will be halved, in Pulang Pisau and in Katingan. Many hotspots found there,” said Fakhrial.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Environment and Forestry reported a number of companies in Central Kalimantan indicated as land and forest-burner. They are PT AUS (100 hectares), PT HSL (400 hectares), PT NSP (1,000 hectares), PT GAP (500 hectares), PT SCP (2,000 hectares), PT MSM (1,000 hectares) and PT CSS (400 hectares). Maturidi


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