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PT LIH Indicated as Burners of 530 Hectares Land in Riau

September 08, 2015

Pekanbaru, Ekuatorial – Police determined PT Inti Hebrindo Langgam for fires in 530 hectares of forest and land in Riau.

“Friday we will take information from leaders of PT Inti Hebrindo Langgam and corporation expert witnesses,” said Deputy Director of the Special Criminal Investigation Directorate, AKBP (Police Adjunct Senior Commissioner) Arif Rachman, Tuesday (8/9). Total of 12 witnesses from companies, two public witnesses, and expert witnesses have been examined.

In forest and land fires, the perpetrator usually threatened with Law No.41/1999 on Forestry, Law No.18/2004 on Plantation, and Law No.32/2009 on Protection and Environmental Management. The penalty varies between 10-15 years, depends on the violation.

During August, the land of PT Inti Hebrindo Langgam that located within 50 kilometers of the center of Pelalawan burned. This case was originally handled by the Police of Palalawan, then switched to Police of Riau after considering the level of difficulty of this case. “It is not easy to investigate fire case. The cost is very expensive because we have to bring expert witnesses from Jakarta and reviewing the location of the fire several times, “said Arif.

The results of field observations, fires in the area owned by PT Inti Langgam Hebrindo, a subsidiary of PT Provident Agro Tbk relatively neat. “It seems the land has been prepared to be burned,” he said. However, from some of the witnesses were investigated, yet none of them became a suspect. “We are still investigating to prove these allegations,” said Arif.

Meanwhile, Head of the Riau Police spokesman, AKBP Guntur Aryo Tejo explained, during this year suspect of the land burner in Riau were 30 people and one corporation. “Police Investigation Report declared as complete are 20 files, the rest are still under investigation,” said Guntur. Winahyu Dwi Utami


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