Tripa: Aceh’s Burning Shame

The Tripa peat swamp, one of the largest capacities storing carbon in Aceh, is near total ruin. A joint team investigates possible violations that destroyed the once rich peatland forest. In the middle of a vast, burned-down forest littered with charred, blackened tree trunks, Basuki Wasis instructs one of his staff to stick a pipe into the ground. One enters right through and […]

Plus for REDD, Minus for Indonesia?

Since the sign “+” was added to REDD (Reduction Emission from Deforestation and Forest Degradation) jargon in 2008, many debates appears among experts. Some said, the plus sign is narrowing Indonesian “chance” for selling its forest carbon. Some said the sign on the other hand is enlarge the state opportunities in REDD, for giving a […]

The Sinking of Bedono

HIS vest bears an inkblot stain on its pocket. Yet every time he leaves the house for his round, Head of Bedono Village Mualipin never forget to put the tainted vest on top of his official uniform. This vest means something – it sends an important message. That afternoon, we stand at the end of a damaged bridge which cut the access that […]

The Lost Handful of Heaven

People of the region whittled Kerinci Seblat National Park with a new road. They disobeyed restriction of Ministry of Forestry. Seven years ago, Kerinci Seblat National Park was a joyful forest. Trees grew lush. Their trunks covered by fungus and lush bushes. People who entered the forest, shall found thousand of leech, danced and ceroused […]