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80% of Disasters in Indonesia Due to Climate Change

The last three decades, disasters that happened in Indonesia linked to climate change. The ministry of Environment urged that climate change adaptation step synergized with efforts to reduce disaster risk.

Thus, said Arief Yuwono, Deputy for environmental damage and climate change control in coordination meeting of the climate change adaptation program in JW Marriott Hotel Jakarta, Monday (26/5). According to Arief, so far the implementation runs separately.

National Agency for Disaster Management (BNPB – Badan Nasional Penanggulangan Bencana) noted that disasters during 1982-2012 dominated by flooding (4.121), landslides (1.983), Storm (1.903) and dryness (1.414). Disaster such as flooding occurs due to extreme rainfall in a short time, due to weather disruption. The climate change phenomenon also raises the drought longer.

Further, Arief said if climate change adaptation measures can be integrated with disaster prevention with development planning then budget implementation become more efficient. The Union will also strengthen cooperation between sectors in implementation of an action plan for adaptation to climate change. “Both can run together, not divided.”

The Ministry of environment, who met with the BNPB, the National Council on Climate Change, the Ministry of Public Works, and the United Nations Development Program, mentioned there are three main aspects that became the point of unification of adaptation measures of climate change and disaster prevention, identification of opportunities and challenges in unification of adaptation and disaster prevention, the identification of the main focus areas and the formed of roadmap for drafting a framework. Januar Hakam.

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