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Atjeh Post : Aceh Governor not firm enough on mining moratorium

Based on GeRak Aceh study, Fernan said, 134 mining activity licenses (IUP) have already being given by bupati [head of district], must be reviewed in the following year.

Aceh Anti-Corruption Movement Institution, or GeRak, criticized Aceh governor for not being firm implementing mining moratorium. GeRAK criticized that Aceh governor only interested in building his image without real action.

“We are supportive of Aceh government’s efforts to implement mining moratorium. However, it need to be clear on the urgent for a better mining management. If moratorium was not followed by measured policies, then public will see it only as image building and mere promises aiming to look good,” said Head of Public Policy of GeRak Aceh, Fernan, in Banda Aceh, on Tuesday 18 November 2014.

According to GeRak Aceh study, Fernan said 134 mining activity licenses (IUP) have been given by bupati, must be reviewed in the following year. From 134, only 36 companies have obtained Clean & Clear status from Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources. Clean & Clear is a standard given by the government to ensure IUP has comply to all regulations and administration.

“Aceh government need to ensure whether all those licenses have comply to all requirements needed. For instance, several of IUPs issued by Bupati and obtain principal permit from the governor in accordance to Qanun Aceh No. 12 Year 2002. After it was given, the governor should not ‘wash his hands’. If there’s no good control then IUP can be misused by mining companies,” said Fernan.

GeRAK Aceh recorded there were plenty of ‘grey areas’ in permit issuance which would lead to corruption. It started from permits for exploration and exploitation which carry bribe and gratification potentials.

“How do environment documents being given. All of this time, reclamation security fund and post mining. Furthermore, there’s implementation phase, whether IUP is given in accordance to field implementation. Public has little information on what actually being mined and whether its production has been sold match with facts in reality,” said Fernan.

Moratorium, Fernan added, has become a compulsory as Kepmen ESDM No.1095 K/30/MEM/2014 on Sumatra Island Mining Working Plan was issued on 26 February 2014. It means provincial/district government must conduct open bidding on Mining Activity Working Plan (WIUP) on mineral or coal which have feasibility study before giving IUP.

Other things must be done is on how provincial/district government assess on Production Operation IUP for reclamation and post-mining activities. The funds should be transferred in a join account. The local government must ensure its implementation to achieve a balance development with sustainable environment.

“All this time, based on GeRAK Aceh study, there are companies encroaching protected forests, as much as 666,000 hectares of mining concessions were in protected forests and 31,300,000 hectares were inside conservation areas. We got that data from Planology department of Ministry of Forestry,” he said.

GeRAK demanded Aceh governor to issue a regulation on mining moratorium which is in line with KPK effort in 2015 to establish mineral resources and coal coordination and supervision in Aceh.

Furthermore, Aceh governor must be firm on IUP permits that have yet to comply with regulations and revoke any permits proven to have violated laws related to mining management in Indonesia.

“Aceh government must be brave in implementing better mining management as this is very important for people’s welfare. If they failed, then it can be disaster for people,” said Fernan. Murdani Abdullah.

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