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40 gun shots killed orangutan in Central Kalimantan

Palangka Raya, Ekuatorial – An adult female orangutan was found with two arms and legs broken but also 40 gun shots in her body, said a local activist, in Palangka Raya, Central Kalimantan, on Thursday (4/12).

“She came from Barunang Miri Estate or PT Surya Inti Sawit Kahuripan (SISK), a palm oil company which is also a subsidiary of Makin Group,” said Monterado Fridman, Communication and Education Coordinator of Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOS Foundation) in Nyaru Menteng.

Based on the report from company’s employees, Arifin Susilo, Seno and Nyoto Suroso, the 20 year old orangutan was found weak and badly injured on Wednesday around 6.30 in the morning, at Block F37 – Afdeling 7 by Seno. They then reported to Natural Resources Conservation Agency.

Fridman said that the orangutan had broken thigh and right arm which had open wound and started to decay. In addition, her body was too skinny due to malnutrition.

“We predicted that those wounds have been there for three days. X-ray results have shown ten bullets in the head, eight bullets in her left leg and hip, 18 bullets in her right leg and hip, and six bullets in the chest and right hand,” he said adding that she was shot as if she was a terrorist.

He said that the medical team tried to amputate her rotten leg. “They tried their best, but she died on Thursday (4/12) at 6.07 pm,” he said.

Up to date, there were nine cases involving orangutans and humans recorded in Central Kalimantan. Maturidi

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