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Lampung’s dilemma between energy and forestry

Bandarlampung, Ekuatorial – High Voltage Air Channels or SUTT development from Kemuning hill of North Lampung to Liwa and Krui in West Lampung got stalled due to forestry permit, said an official in Bandarlampung, on Thursday (16/4).

“The 30 Megawatt channels covers 70 kilometers of area which passes through residents but also Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park, a total of 22 hectares,” said Adril Fajri, Unit Manager of Lampung Region, State Electricity Company (PLN).

Up to date, Fajri said that only 60 out of 184 towers were already constructed while the rest was still waiting for permit process.

“We don’t want to cut the forest, but that’s the only path available for man. As a result, we have to built the tower there,” he said adding that the development is meant to provide electricity for 30,000 customers in West Lampung.

Meanwhile, Alam Awaluddin PLN’s Lampung Distribution Manager, said that Liwa and Krui electricity consumption have been fulfilled from main tower located in Kemuning Hill of North Lampung. However, Awaluddin said that it could no longer provide electricity needs of Liwa and Krui.

He said that lots of installed network were damaged because of geographical condition and unstable soil construction.

“The state could no longer fund to solve the same issue,” he said. “We just want to remind President’s promise to simplify permits for greater good.”

Nizom, head of West Lampung Forestry Agency said that central government has yet to issue lend-use permit for the 22 hectares of protected forest areas as there were some requirements need to be fulfilled.

Based on the letter of Forestry Planology Directorate General, issued on October 13, 2014, PLN must make a statement that the company would have to do reclamation and forest re-vegetation without have to wait the end of the permit.

In addition, PLN must also compensated twice of the land that was used for the development. “We are just following rules. We really want to support PLN as it is for people’s interest but we don’t want to instead create more problems,” he said. Eni Muslihah

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