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Solo to turn to incinerator to tackle its waste issue

May 30, 2015

Solo, Ekuatorial – Due to limited space, Solo administration decided to apply incinerator to deal with its increasing waste volume, said a senior official, last month.

“We had planned to use anaerobic digestion and sanitary landfill systems. Unfortunately, there were too many obstacles with those two systems and would not be suitable for Solo,“ said head of Solo Sanitary and Park Agency, Hasta Gunawan.

The government opted for incinerator, or burning waste, because it could reduce its volume compare to sanitary landfill which still requires large space.

“It’s already difficult to find 100 meters of land in Solo, let along to find at least 14 hectares. It’s mission impossible. So, the only way is to apply incinerator mechanism just like Europe,” said Gunawan adding that anaerobic digestion facility was ruled out because of its expensive price.

Aside the incinerator, the government had also started to implement waste management to decrease waste volume thrown to Putri Cempo Landfill which is in a alarming state.
“We have been sorting out waste before they were brought to Putri Cempo,” he said.”It is also because Putri Cempo condition has been degrading.”

Based on recent research by Solo’s Sebelas Maret University, mounted waste has been polluting underground water and nearest river. If the condition persists, it will harm for people consuming the water. Putri Cempo landfill, which covers 14 hectares of land, receives 265 to 300 tons of waste per day coming from houses, offices, markets, hospitals, terminals, stations, and hotels. Bramantyo


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