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Thick Haze Compels Students in Palangkaraya to Stay Home

September 10, 2015

Palangkaraya, Ekuatorial – Thick haze in Central Kalimantan, Palangkaraya made local government announced holiday for elementary school and kindergarten student.

This policy is valid from Wednesday, September 9, 2015, until the next week. “When the haze thicker then all students will be staying at home,” said Deputy Mayor of Palangkaraya, Mofit Saptono Subagyo.

Junior and senior high school students still go to school. However, the lesson was postponed to 09.00, when air conditions allowing for activities in the classroom.

Besides, local authorities appealed to the citizens vulnerable to disease and toddlers to not leave the house, except there is an urgent need.

Head of Education and Culture of Palangkaraya, Norma Hikmah, said that kindergarten students in Palangkaraya are around 5,413 and 25 thousand are elementary students.

According to the Head of the City Environment and the Forest Agency, Rawang, Air Pollution Standard Index was in the unhealthy category. “I suggest that all citizens must wear mask,” he said.

Meanwhile, Central Kalimantan Police has now established three monitoring station in Tjilik Riwut Street 10th kilometer, Kalampangan station, and Terminal Lingkar Luar station to receive reports about the fires. At each station, there are also personnel and operational vehicles for fires prevention. Maturidi


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