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MoEF Seals Oil Palm Plantations in Central Kalimantan Due to Burning Land

September 07, 2015

Palangkaraya, Ekuatorial – Ministry of Environment and Forestry sealing the plantation owned by PT GAP in East Kotawaringin and PT AUS in Katingan, Central Kalimantan. According to the investigator, the two oil companies were intentionally burned land.

Head of Investigation Sub Directorate of MoEF Environmental Degradation, Land and Forest Fire, Shaifuddin Akbar said that the team in Central Kalimantan found seven fire locations. Two are in the company area. “We’ve sealed (the area of) PT GAP in East Kotawaringin and PT AUS in Katingan on Saturday and Sunday (August 29 and 30). The other five cases still deepened,” said Shaifuddin, Monday (7/9).

Warning signpost to do an activity at the fires location, including a police line has been installed. According to the investigator, two companies of the land burner will be subject to Law No.32/2009 on Protection and Environmental Management. In accordance with Article 98 of the Act, land burner threatened with imprisonment of 10 years.

Meanwhile, five other companies were indicated as the land burner in Central Kalimantan are PT CSS in Palangka Raya, PT HSL in Katingan, PT NSP in East Kotawaringin, PT SCP and PT MKM in Pulang Pisau. The investigation team still needs further verification because the fire occurred on the area which according to the map in 2010 is including the company’s concession area. “Need the latest map to make sure,” said Shaifuddin.

An investigation team from the MoEF directly involved in Central Kalimantan, following the numbers of hotspots distribution in the concession area of oil palm plantation company. The target, there are 10 locations of land fires in the company’s concession area will be sealed. However, of the two-day inspection, the team can only visit seven concessions.

Meanwhile, the acting Governor of Central Kalimantan, Hadi Prabowo asked for action against perpetrators of forest and land burning. “Special meetings must be done immediately to take concrete and decisive action, especially for companies that burn the land,” said Hadi. Chairman of the High Court of Central Kalimantan, Hesmu Purwanto also reminded the District Court to punish companies which deliberately set fire to the forest with heavy penalties. “So far only threatened with infringement cases of Regional Regulation or simply a misdemeanor with imprisonment of three months. In the future, it should be dealt with Article 187 and 188 of the Criminal Code that is 12 years in prison,” said Hesmu. Maturidi


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