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Aceh Border Shrouded by Smog

September 03, 2015

Langsa, Ekuatorial – Langsa, the border region between North Sumatra and Aceh shrouded by smog from forest and land fires. In the last two days, the smog is thick enough so that the citizens complained of eye irritation and cough during outdoor activities.

Head of Langsa Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD), Rinaldi Aulia urged people to wear masks for protection. “Last week we had asked for Langsa weather report from Lhokseumawe BMKG, but to this day has not been given,” said Rinaldi.

Meanwhile, a number of flights in Batam Hang Nadim International Airport Nadim International Airport Nadim International Airport on Thursday was canceled due to the smog that still shrouds Jambi, Medan and Pekanbaru.

“Yes, today there is a delayed flight in Batam, and there was also canceled due to the smog that shrouded these areas, “said Suwarso, Head of General Affair of Hang Nadim International Airport in Batam on Thursday.

The canceled flights, he said, is Citilink airline QG-884 from Medan scheduled landed on Batam at 10:10 pm.

Furthermore Nam Air from Jambi to Batam that supposed to land at 08:30 pm is also canceled.

That cancellations affect the Nam Air IN 9043 Batam to Medan route that supposed to fly at 09:20 pm.

Citilink QG-932 from Batam to Pekanbaru that is scheduled to fly at 10:40 pm is also canceled.

As for Lion Air JT-139 from Jambi to Batam were supposed to arrive at 08:25 pm until 9:50 pm has not landed.

“For destination to Pekanbaru, there is Lion Air that delayed. No one has canceled. If at Hang Nadim itself, though exposed to smog, but still relatively safe for flight,” he said.

The impact of smog on flights in Batam have occurred since Monday (31/8). As a result a number of flights from Palembang, Jambi, Pekanbaru, Medan and vice versa delayed and canceled. Ivo Lestari/Antaranews


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