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Fires in Wasur National Park

September 21, 2015

Sorong, Ekuatorial – The fire started in Wasur National Park in Sota district, Merauke, Papua. The fire spread along Trans-Papua highway, but no extinction yet.

Head of Wasur National Park, Anggodo said that the fires started from outside the area and fueled by landowners.

“Burning is common but not big fires. Burning by landowners to clean land to grow fresh grass for hunting,” he said when contacted by Ekuatorial on Monday (21/9). Anggodo claimed, during the dry season fire shelters have been alerted to prevent fires and fire control in that 430 thousand hectares of the conservation area.

Burn the land, according to the head of Wasur Region 3 National Park Management Section, Glen Eric Kangiras, has become a tradition to clean the land. “That’s the public agenda, they have wisdom. Every year they burn the land, but it is controlled burning for hunting and village cleaning traditionally,” said Glen. Niken Proboretno


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