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Compliance Audit: 58 Companies in Riau Not Ready to Tackle Forest Fires

October 22, 2015

Pekanbaru, Ekuatorial – From 61 Forest Management Rights (HPH) and Manager Plantation Forests (HTI) license holder companies, 58 of them have not met the standards to prevent and tackle forest fires. Riau government gave two months deadline for those companies to complete the infrastructure.

“All the HPH and HTI license holders should have facilities for the prevention of forest and land fires. For companies that do not yet have completed the infrastructure was given two months to complete,” said the head of the Environment Agency of Riau Province, Yulwiarti Moses, Wednesday (21/10).

According to Yulwiarti, further monitoring will be conducted in phases. “If the license is issued by the central government, it will be supervised by the central government. If the license is issued by the region government, will be supervised by an institution in the region,” he said. The audit results will also be the recommendation on evaluating the companies owning concessions of land burned.

If there are companies that do not comply, Riau government will give sanctions in accordance with applicable legislation. “We’re going to check all equipment in the company’s plantations and forestry such as fire extinguishers, fire observation towers, channel block. If there are companies that disobey it will be punished,” said Acting Governor of Riau, Arsyadjuliadi Rachman. Winahyu Dwi Utami


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