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Unfinished, Plantation Conflict in Riau

January 05, 2016

Pekanbaru, Ekuatorial– A total of 36 conflicts in the tens of thousands of hectares of plantation area in Riau province still unfinished.

According to Scale Up, plantation conflicts that occur during January to December 2015 has become the most dominant cause of the conflict from a total of 55 conflicts over natural resources in the province. The agency noted that another cause is conflict in the forestry sector.

Seen from the area of conflict, the plantation conflict reached 51138.8 hectares. While the conflict reached 41741.15 hectares of forest area. “The conflict was highest in Bengkalis,” said Scale Up Head of the Division of Research and Publications, Muammar Amidy, Monday (4/1).

Scale Up also noted conflicts over natural resources is also involving three major plantation companies, they are Asia Pulp and Paper, APRIL Group, and Wilmar. “Although they already stated commitment to zero deforestation, they are still not resolved the land conflict with the people there.”

Meanwhile, according to Scale Up, a number of companies that have committed to zero deforestation, but still in conflict with the people in Riau are:

  • PT Arara Abadi. Conflict with indigenous people of Sakai in Pinggir District, Bengkalis
  • PT Arara Abadi. Conflict with villagers of Solok Bongkal, Koto Pait Beringin Village, Bengkalis
  • PT IKPP. Conflict with villagers of Pinang Sebatang Barat Village, Siak Sri Indrapura
  • PT Arara Abadi. Conflict with villagers of Doral Kampung Dosan, Siak Sri Indrapura
  • PT Arara Abadi. Conflict with the people of Minas Barat, Siak Sri Indrapura
  • PT Arara Abadi. Conflict with the people of Sakai Minas Asal, Siak Sri Indrapura
  • PT Arara Abadi. Conflict with villagers of Bunut Village, Pelalawan
  • PT Arara Abadi. Conflict with the people of Pulau Muda, Teluk Meranti District, Pelalawan
  • PT Sumatera Silva Lestari. Conflict with villagers of Sei Kumango Village, Tambusai District, Rokan Hulu
  • PT Sumatera Riang Lestari. Conflict with the people of Bayas Jaya and other villages in Tempuling District, Indragiri Hilir
  • PT Nusa Wana Raya. Conflict with villagers of Segati Dusun Tasik Indah Village, Langgam District, Pelalawan
  • PT Sumatera Riang Lestari. Conflict with villagers of Titi Akar Village, Bengkalis
  • PT Riau Andalan Pulp and Paper (RAPP). Conflict with villagers of Anak Kamal Mekar Sari Village and Pelantai Lukit, Kepulauan Meranti
  • PT RAPP. Conflict with the farmer group of Sakato Basamo, Kuantan Singingi.

Related to the conflict, Corporate Communications Manager of PT Riau Andalan Pulp and Paper Djarot Handoko, said that the three companies in the list of conflicts by Scale Up, not companies incorporated in the APRIL Group or PT RAPP, but partner company that supplies raw materials to PT RAPP.

“PT SSL, PT SRL, and PT NWR is not a subsidiary of PT RAPP. Meanwhile, with Desa Anak Kamal, Padang Island, we have no problem because the village is outside the RAPP concession,” said Djarot.

“For Lukit Pelantai Village on Padang Island, the company is committed to complete the compensation to villagers. The process must follow the applicable regulations, and based on agreements between companies, villagers, and governments,” he said.

Djarot also argued about the conflict involving farmer group of Sakato Basamo in Kuantan Singingi on indigenous communal lands in the company concession. He said the conflict has been completed since 2014.

“The solution contained in the memorandum signed by the Chairman of Farmers Group of Sakato Basamo and Datuk Nan Barompek as Ninik Mamak or traditional leaders of Kenagarian Pangean, Kuantan Singingi.” Winahyu Dwi Utami


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