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Palembang Tackles Waste Issue With Mutual Cooperation

Palembang Mayor, Harnojoyo (red shirt) believes the mutual clean up program can not only tackle waste issues but also change people’s behaviour, growing the awareness of the importance of environmental protection. Source: Courtesy of Palembang city administration

December 21, 2018

By Rizqi Nurmizan

Palembang, SOUTH SUMATERA. Gotong royong is a program promoted by Palembang administration aimed at tackling waste issue and river rehabilitation. The program is held every weekend involving public officials and citizens led by Palembang mayor, Harnojoyo. Palembang has received several awards, including the nationally renowned Adipura award, for its efforts to keep the city clean.

The mutual clean up program has also taken the noble goal of changing the people’s habit of throwing their waste into rivers.

However, three years after the program was first introduced, waste issues in Palembang has yet to be resolved as people are still dumping their waste into nearby rivers and sewers, prompting a huge question mark on the effectiveness of the program.

A study conducted by the South Sumatera chapter of the Indonesian Forum for the Environment shows, residents admit to getting rid of their waste into nearby rivers and channels, putting blame to the absence of a temporary landfill facility. The Palembang administration needs to put the program under review while making sure that the public has access to proper waste disposal facility. EKUATORIAL


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