Whale Hunting in Lamalera

Fishermen from Lamalera Village, Wulandoni, East Nusa Tenggara, managed to take home three whales on Thursday. Mikael Radjamuda Bataona, a local resident, mentioned that fishermen scrambled on a hunt, after the three whales were sighted in Lamalera waters. Whale hunting has been Lamalera’s tradition for generations. Lamalera villagers usually perform a traditional ritual before waging the […]

15 Percent of East Nusa Tenggara’s Coral Reef Damaged

The WWF Indonesia’s Solor-Alor Program noted a decline in the quality and health of coral reefs in East Nusa Tenggara waters. The decline, averaging at 14.99 percent, was discovered through a survey by Mantatow in 2013 in the waters of Alor. In East Flores, the only 22 percent of its ecological baseline is in healthy […]

New flasher wrasse species discovered in Indonesia

A new fish of the flasher wrasse species with striking orange color and rounded fins has been found in Indonesia’s coral reefs, a conservation group announced Wednesday. The species was named Paracheilinus rennyae in recognition of the scientific contributions of ichthyologist Renny Kurnia Hadiaty from the Indonesian Institute of Sciences.

Buleleng Uses ‘Biorock’ for Coral Preservation

The Buleleng administration plans to apply so-called “biorock” technology for the preservation of coral reefs in the waters off North Bali. The technology was first applied to preserve coral in Pemuteran Bay under the guidance of the Karang Lestari Foundation.

Govt opposed to mining in Raja Ampat

Minister for the Environment, Balthasar Kambuaya, has said he would reject any proposal for mining operations in the Raja Ampat regency of West Papua. “I have already told my staff to reject any such proposal in Raja Ampat,” Balthasar said in Manokwari as quoted by the Antara news agency on Friday.