Hakatutobu Coastal Contaminated by Mine Waste

Environmental damage occurs along the coastal of Hakatotobu village, Southeast Sulawesi, due to sedimentation of red mud mine waste. Mud seems to redden the sea water, contaminating seaweed farms owned by local fishermen. The distance between the hills so close to the sea coast area of Hakatutobu. Thus, if the clearing is done, impact directly […]

Nickel Mining Threatens Pomalaa Fishermen

Coastal areas of Hakatutobu Village, Pomalaa, Kolaka, Southeast Sulawesi damaged by runoff of red mud from nickel mining land clearing activity. Seaweed and sea cucumber fishermen are inhibited to do their work, their livelihoods are threatened. Demonstrations conducted by locals, but the company still rated the guarantee of no worth. [Read full text on Suara […]

Batang Steam Power Plant Can Ruin Livelihood of Fishermen

The development plan of Steam power plant of Batang, Central Java, bring protests because predicted to emit approximately 10.8 million tons of carbon – more than emissions produced by Myanmar in 2009 – and 226 pounds of mercury each year. The protests came from the local people and Greenpeace. They worry that the power plant […]

Govt opposed to mining in Raja Ampat

Minister for the Environment, Balthasar Kambuaya, has said he would reject any proposal for mining operations in the Raja Ampat regency of West Papua. “I have already told my staff to reject any such proposal in Raja Ampat,” Balthasar said in Manokwari as quoted by the Antara news agency on Friday.