Gemstone mining in Tincep village destroys forest

Tondano, Ekuatorial – Massive gemstone mining in Minahasa had taken its toll potentially damaging forest areas in Tincep village, Sonder district, Minahasa, Tincep head village, Rommy Dapu, said that villagers kept on hunting for gemstone and were difficult to be stopped. Up to Monday (6/7), local villagers have managed to dig at least to 20 […]

Oil palm expansion has taken its toll in Sorong district

Sorong, Ekuatorial – Due to massive oil palm plantation expansion, water scarcity hit Malalilis village of Klaili, Sorong district, said an activist, in Sorong, on Tuesday (5/5). “People are getting hard to find clean water as their village is located inside oil palm plantation. Forest cleared for oil palm. There’s no water in the village. […]

Lampung’s dilemma between energy and forestry

Bandarlampung, Ekuatorial – High Voltage Air Channels or SUTT development from Kemuning hill of North Lampung to Liwa and Krui in West Lampung got stalled due to forestry permit, said an official in Bandarlampung, on Thursday (16/4). “The 30 Megawatt channels covers 70 kilometers of area which passes through residents but also Bukit Barisan Selatan […]

Gemstone mining threatens Wonogiri protected forest

Solo, Ekuatorial – Recent high demand on gemstones is threatening environment in Wonogori forest of Central Java, due to traditional way of mining, said a local official on Thursday (2/4). At least three sub districts, — Kismantoro, Jatiroto, and Tirtomoyo –, are being targeted by local miners for Fire Opal stone which is claimed as […]