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Indonesia turns to marine to combat climate change

Jakarta, Ekuatorial – As Indonesia step up its maritime resources, senior official for climate change negotiation said on Tuesday (23/12) that they will develop marine as renewable energy potential.

“We have forgotten that 70 percent of Indonesia’s areas is ocean. Indonesia is a nation with a huge potential for renewable energy from marine sector. We will target our emission reductions efforts through it [renewable energy from marine sector],” said Rachmat Witoelar, head of Indonesia’s Climate Change National Council, while talking about Lima Climate Change conference to the media.

Furthermore, Witoelar said that there will be more energy development focusing on coastal areas, especially wind turbine power plants. “Of course, these turbines will be installed in areas suitable for wind energy,” he said. In addition, abundant micro alga resources in tropical seas of Indonesia would also be optimized for biomass energy resource. Other potential energies, he said, was tidal power plant using undersea current such as in Karimata and Sunda straits, to become alternative energy resources.

Moekti H Soejachmoen of International Negotiation Working Group at the Council, added that Indonesia has been assessing roles of coastal ecosystem in climate change mitigation. Soejachmoen said that micro alga, seagrass, and mangrove were natural resources that can absorb and store carbon dioxide. “With research and management, they can contribute to tackle climate change,” she said. Januar Hakam

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