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One orangutan carcass found in Central Kalimantan

Palangka Raya, Ekuatorial – An orangutan was found dead allegedly from a trap near Parigi village, Mendawai sub-district, Katingan district, Central Kalimantan, said an activist on Friday (16/1).

“We have a report from friends on field that there was an orangutan got killed because of pig trap in a village,” said Mamun Ansori of Central Kalimantan WWF adding that they found it, already in the form of bones, at least 15 days ago.

Ansori said that it was predicted that the orangutan had entered villager’s plantation rambutan and cempedak plantation which located in the border of Sebangau National Park. He added that they were still investigating whether the trap was deliberately installed for the orangutan or not. Nevertheless, he said that there might be other orangutans, at least five of them, were trapped in the same area.

“We have reported it to Central Kalimantan Natural Resources Conservation Agency (BKSDA) for follow ups,” he said.

Meanwhile, Nandang, head of Central Kalimantan BKSDA said that he had dispatched a team to investigate on the case. “We have dispatch one team along with our partner from WWF who knows the location. We will dispatch more group tomorrow (Saturday),” he said on the telephone adding that they were still investigating on possible orangutans still being trapped.

If they found trapped orangutans, he said, they will immediately evacuate them for safer place. “I would like to thank villagers who have reported it,” he said. “My members have been instructed to give socialization [for local people on orangutans] beside evacuating on possible orangutans still trapped on location.” Maturidi

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