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Bakrie Group Subsidiary Allegedly Violated Regulations in Gorontalo

DEGORONTALO – A subsidiary of Bakrie Groups, PT Gorontalo Minerals, has been accused of violating environment and forestry laws. The violation has been allegedly broke regulations after they have obtained borrow-to-use permit for forestry area from then Ministry of Forestry, Zulkifli Hasan, in 2010, as stated at a press release from Gorontalo’s Indonesian Miners Association (APRI) to only recently.

According to the release, based on the permit document, SK. 673/Menhut-II-2010, Ministry of Forestry did not give right for PT GM to develop facilities to support exploration activities, which include building access roads, main camp, flying camp, and other facilities.

From investigation and field reports on the violation, APRI concluded that all of those development conducted by PT GM, on May 2011, is a violation toward borrow-to-use permit for forest area.

It is as regulated in the Ministry of Forestry Regulation Number P.43/Menhut – II/2008 on Borrow-to-Use Forest Area Guidance, especially on Clause 24 Chapter VII on Rights of Borrow-to-Use permit holder and Clause 38 Paragraph 2 on the use of forestry area as depicted in Paragraph (1) can be done without change its primary forest use. In addition, the 1999 Law on Forestry which had been revised to the 2004 Law on Forestry.

“Building roads and other facilities during exploration process are not relevant to be assess using UKL/UPL so it violates Clause 23a on landform and landscape of the 2009 Law on Environmental Protection and Management,” stated APRI Gorontalo.

Furthermore, Amdal Public Consultation held in Samudra restorant, on December 18, 2014, has proven to be neglecting public interest and violating on people’s participation and people’s right as stipulated at the 2008 Law on Public Information Disclosure.

“PT Gorontalo Minerals have also proved to violate principles of mining management, which include utilitarian, fair, balance, determination, participation, transparent, accountability, sustainability, and environmentally friendly as noted at the Clause 2 of the 2009 on Mineral Mining and Coal.”

The release also stated that the violation and massive crime of PT Gorontalo Minerals have been going on long time and was ignored by Bone Bolango district and Gorontalo province governments.

“It is why we demanded Gorontalo Governor to revoke recommendation to extend the company’s permit for violating its borrow-to-use permit,” said APRI Gorontalo. “The Gorontalo House of Representatives must also take strong action for violations conducted by PT Gorontalo Minerals. In addition, Gorontalo police to investigate violation toward the permit.”


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