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Central Kalimantan declares flood emergency

February 20, 2015

Palangka Raya, EkuatorialCentral Kalimantan Disaster Mitigation Agency declared emergency status amid severe floods occurred in seven out of 14 districts and cities in the province, on Thursday (19/2).

“The status was based on regional reports. Based on current data, North Barito flood inundated around 6,581 houses in seven sub-districts and 50 villages. Meanwhile, 24,000 people have been affected with 30 cm to two meters of floods in Batara,” said head of the agency, Brigong Tom Moenandaz

Besides North Barito district, other areas affected by floods were East Kotawaringin, Pulang Pisau, Gunung Mas, South Barito, and Palangkaraya. Up to date, a total of 3,988 families or 10,393 people are affected by floods.

Furthermore, Moenandaz said that they have instructed disaster mitigation agencies within each districts and cities to evacuate and record refugees as the condition was predicted to occur until March.

Pulang Pisang police chief, Budi Satria Nasution SIK said that he had dispatched officers at Tumbang Nusa area. “We have officers there especially to help congestion that might happened on afternoons or nights,” said Nasution.Maturidi


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