Central Kalimantan declares flood emergency

Palangka Raya, Ekuatorial – Central Kalimantan Disaster Mitigation Agency declared emergency status amid severe floods occurred in seven out of 14 districts and cities in the province, on Thursday (19/2). “The status was based on regional reports. Based on current data, North Barito flood inundated around 6,581 houses in seven sub-districts and 50 villages. Meanwhile, […]

Soputan Mountain erupted

Manado, Ekuatorial – Soputan volcanic mountain of North Sulawesi erupted and spewed volcanic ashes on Tuesday (6/1). The six-kilometer tall of materials hit at least nine districts in the mountain. The nine districts were East Tombatu, North Tombatu , Silian Raya, Touluaan, Tombatu Raya, Pasan, Ratahan, East Ratahan, and Belang. Meanwhile three districts, — Ratatotok, […]

More natural disasters in 2015, predicts Indonesia’s disaster agency

Jakarta, Ekuatorial – Indonesia’s national disaster mitigation agency, or BNPB, predicted that floods, landslides, drought, forest fires, and tornado, would most likely to happen again in 2015, said an official, on Tuesday (30/12). Based on BNPB record on 2014, 99 percent of disasters happened in Indonesia were related to weather changes or hydro-meteorological disasters. Dodi […]

Four villages in East Aceh isolated due to flood

East Aceh, Ekuatorial – Four villages of East Aceh district were isolated due to floods caused by heavy rains for the past week, said a local villager recently. The four villages, — Tampo Bor village, Tampor Paloh village, Melidi village and Ranto Naru village –, are located at Simpang Jerning sub district of East Aceh, […]

Floods hit 13 villages in Aceh Tamiang

Langsa, Ekuatorial – At least thirteen villages in Aceh Tamiang district were inundated by floods as heavy rains pouring down since last week. They were Suka Jadi and Terban of Karang Baru sub-district, Kampung Durian and Alur Manis of Ranto sub-district, Kampung Kota and Kota Lintang Bawah of Kota Kuala Simpang sub-district, Meneng Gini of […]

Eight sub-districts of Mount Lawu prone to landslides

Karanganyar, Ekuatorial – Eight sub-districts of Karanganyar district, Solo, Central Java, were categorized as high prone to landslides, said an official, in Karanganyar, on Wednesday (17/12). The eight sub-districts, — Jatipuro, Jatiyoso, Tawangmangu, Matesih, Karangpandan, Ngargoyoso, Kerjo, and Jenawi –, were located at slopes of Mount Lawu. At least 65 people were killed because of […]

Sebelas Maret University developed flood early warning system

Solo, Ekuatorial – A team of research center for natural disaster of Sebelas Maret University on Tuesday (16/12) developed idea to built early warning system which can be accessed through text messaging, WhatsApp and android. Early warning system had already been installed in Bengawan solo river but it does not working properly. ” For instance, […]

BNPB launched integrated data on population and natural disaster

Jakarta, Ekuatorial – National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB) on Thursday (27/11) launched graphic information which integrated disaster and demographic data for each provinces. Its aim is for regional governments to related population with disaster risk management. “We are having difficulties on mapping out population of elderly, toddlers, and people with special needs before disaster, emergency, […]

DNPI : Adaptation urgent to tackle climate change related natural disasters

Jakarta, Ekuatorial – Around 80 percent of natural disasters in Indonesia caused by climate change which place adaptation efforts more crucial to tackle by government, said an official in Jakarta, on Tuesday (25/11). “There are two impacts [of climate change], which are direct impacts such as floods, droughts, landslides, and sea level rise. Meanwhile, indirect […]