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Floods hit 13 villages in Aceh Tamiang

Langsa, Ekuatorial – At least thirteen villages in Aceh Tamiang district were inundated by floods as heavy rains pouring down since last week.

They were Suka Jadi and Terban of Karang Baru sub-district, Kampung Durian and Alur Manis of Ranto sub-district, Kampung Kota and Kota Lintang Bawah of Kota Kuala Simpang sub-district, Meneng Gini of Sekrak sub-district, Pulo Tiga of Tamiang Hulu sub-district, Sungai Iyu of Bendahara sub-district, Seruwai and Tanah Merah of Seruwai district, and Tenggulun of Tenggulun sub-district.

Fauziah, one of the victims of Ranto sub-district, said that floods were caused by constant rains and Tamiang river overflow resulting to at least 1.5 meter depth of water ‘drowning’ not only housings but also paddy fields.

“In some locations, water started to recede but heavy rains [are still pouring] then water went up again,” said Fauziah on Tuesday (23/12). As a result, people were still fleeing from their villages and took refuge in three points, — Karang Baru sub-district, Ranto sub-district, and Tenggulun sub-district. Based on local data, 35 families were evacuated to Ranto sub-districts, there were still no official data on Suka Jadi and Tenggulun sub-districst. Meanwhile, others decided to stay in their villages.

Furthermore, Fauziah said that they have only received tents from Aceh Tamiang Disaster Mitigation Agency at the evacuation camps. Meanwhile, Yusnidar of Kota Lintang Bawah village who opted to stay in his flooded house said that they have yet to receive any help from local government. Ivo Lestari

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