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State-owned companies earned bad rating in environmental performance

Bandarlampung, Ekuatorial – Two state-owned power plants and hospital in Lampung earned poor rating on environmental performance according to Ministry of Environment and Forestry, said an official on Wednesday (25/2), in Bandarlampung.

The rating, dubbed as PROPER [Environmental Performance Evaluation Rating Program], is an annual program set up by the ministry which assessing companies, state-owned and private sectors, for their environmental performance.

The rating is usually marked though colors, – gold, green, blue, red, and black -. Gold being the highest achievement meanwhile black is the lowest rating and liable for legal action. For green, it represents companies that are following regulations accordingly. Blue is for companies that are still less following regulations. And, red marks companies which are failing to follow regulations and will be subject for further monitoring from the government.

From 67 companies in Lampung assessed by the ministry, eight companies listed as green, six companies as blue, and 25 companies as red.

Taufik Hidayat, head of Lampung Environmental Management Agency, said Abdoel Moeloek Regional Hospital, owned by regional government and two state-owned power plants, PLTU Tarahan and PLTD Tegineneng, were listed as red companies.

“Companies earning red Proper [in Lampung] were mostly in agribusiness, hospital and power plants,” said Hidayat. “We have warned these companies to manage its waste. If they’re still listed as Red then we will not hesitate to give sanctions to them.”

He said that Red Proper usually applied for companies that have failed to manage its waste resulted to pollution.

Meanwhile, Alam Awaludin, general manager of Lampung State Electricity Company (PLN) said that he was shocked to hear about the rating. “We just heard about it. We will assess about this waste management immediately,” said Awaluding.

He said there were only three environmentally friendly power plants in Lampung, Waybesai Hydro Power Plant [PLTA], and PLTU Batu Tegi and Ulubelu in Tanggamus district. These power plants, he added supplied 550 MW with addition of 2X200 MW from coal-fueled power plant in Tarahan. “We are planning to build more environmentally friendly power plants in the future,” he said. Eni Muslihah

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