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56,000 hectares critical lands located in Biak, Papua

March 06, 2015

Biak, Jubi/Antara – Biak Numfor Forest Management official released data of 56,000 hectares of critical forest areas in Papua, in 2015.

“If previous critical forest areas amounted to 42,000 hectares but there has been increased [of critical forest areas] so it would need replanting from time to time,” said head of forest management office, Aris Toteles Ap, commenting on critical lands in Biak, on Thursday (5/3/2015).

Toteles said that the increase was derived from the gap between trees being planted and cut down by local people.

He had hoped that current replanting program initiated by Ministry of Environment and Forestry can reduce critical lands in Biak Numfor district.

“The One Man Plant One Tree program is expected to prevent more damages on criticla lands,” said Toteles adding that critical lands were significantly increased in East Biak and Oridek districts.

“These districts would get special treatment considering on weak monitoring on the ground to prevent trees cutting down by indigenous people in their customary forests,” he said.

Biak Numfor Forestry and Plantation Agency has been involving local people, students, public officials, army and police, also private sectors to participate in the replanting program each year. (*)

The article has been published at Tabloid Jubi, member of Ekuatorial content syndication.


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