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Dengkeng river of Central Java gets a make over to prevent floods

April 11, 2015

Klaten, Ekuatorial – After floods and landslides occurred due to a week long rain, disaster mitigation officials said the need to normalized Dengkeng river to prevent more damages, in Klaten, Central Java, on Friday (10/4).

Sri Winoto, head of Klaten disaster mitigation agency, said that Dengkeng creeks often overflowed because of sedimentation.

“We need to fix broken dams also to built new check dams to prevent floods as lots of critical dams need to be fixed along Dengkeng river,” said Winoto.

Furthermore, he said that heavy rains in Klaten for the past week resulted to 24 river spots overflowed and flooded paddy fields and housing areas, such as in Wiro Bayat, Bawak Cawas, and Modran Trucuk.

Sarwa Pramana, vice deputy of Central Java disaster mitigation agency, said that they have urged ministry of public works to immediately restore critical dams along Dengkeng river.

“Dengkeng river condition is critical. We have reported to Pak Ganjar [Governor of Central Java] to take emergency step by cooperating with ministry of public works to normalize Dengkeng river and fix those dams,” said Sarwa adding that village roads, sewers and lands were eroded by Dengkeng river. Bramantyo


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