Sanur, Ekuatorial – Despite of increasing marine protected areas, there has yet proper management for those areas resulted to minimum benefits received by local people, said activist in Bali, on Tuesday (7/4).

“From 131 marine protected areas, only four areas are categorized as green [for management],” said Marthen Welly of The Nature Conservancy (TNC) adding that management has yet to become a priority from the government who is still chasing coverage area target.

Marine Protected Areas Management is divided into five stages represent by colors, starting from red at the bottom, yellow, green, blue, and gold as the top.

Welly cited management of Nusa Penida Marine Protected Areas in Bali, which already obtained green category and aiming for blue.

“However, there are six or seven indicators more to be achieved to reach for blue [category],” he said adding it would need at least sea patrol boats and research protocol.

He added that lack of efficient management have caused great loss for local people, especially on their income and ability to control the areas.

Meanwhile, Nyoman Dharma, head of Klungkung Marine and Fisheries Agency, said that there has been a gap between entrance tickets with visitors’ target to Nusa Penida.

“Because of no sea patrol boats, sometimes travel agents enter to Nusa Penida without reporting and contributing to the areas,” said Dharma arguing that visitors can contribute income for the areas significantly, hence, they will be able to increase services.

At least 650 people came to visit Nusa Penida per day. However, the income from these visits are still relatively small. Tim Ekuatorial

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