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Clean Water Crisis in Sitaro

Sitaro, Ekuatorial – Long drought causing water crisis in Sitaro Regency, North Sulawesi. There are 10 villages that are now suffering from water crisis. “We get the data from the field and the public complaints,” said the Head of the Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) Sitaro, Bob Ch Wuaten.

These villages are Kampung Lai (Central Siau), Sawang (South East Siau), Kanawong (North West Siau), Apelawo, Kanang, Deahe, Lia (North East Siau), Lamanggo (Biaro), Birakalama (South Tagulandang), and Lili (Central Siau). “There is still water supply, but very little. BPBD advised residents to conserve,” said Bob.

Meanwhile, Secretary of Sitaro BPBD, Laheba Roy said, to overcome the water shortage, people order water from the Regional Water Company (PDAM). Water tankers are always standby to meet the need.

People complained that the water sale from the tanker is still not optimal. “The water price depends on the distance. If we are in Tatahadeng village, the price per 3,000 liters of water is 150 thousand Rupiah. But, in the West Siau and other farther areas can be up to 250 thousand Rupiah,” said Mira Sahambangung. Yoseph Ikanubun

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