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Central Kalimantan Facing ‘Haze Emergency’

September 08, 2015

Palangkaraya, Ekuatorial – Central Kalimantan Government declared ‘haze emergency’ status due to haze worsens from forest and plantation fires.

“All the requirements for emergency status have been fulfilled and the impact has been greatly felt by the people,” said the acting governor of Central Kalimantan, Hadi Prabowo. The decision of this status is a mutual agreement with the Commander 102/Panju Panjung, the police chief, the regional workforce in JayaTingang Hall, Central Kalimantan Governor’s Office, Tuesday (8/9).

In the last three days, the Air Pollution Standard Index rises to 300 PSI. Harmful to human health. Meanwhile, visibility in Tjilik Riwut Airport, Palangkaraya, Central Kalimantan, less than 1,000 meters. The remaining visibility is only 50 meters in urban areas.

Central Kalimantan air quality deteriorates as the spread of fire in the concession area owned by the company. In this regard, the Head of the State Intelligence Agency of Central Kalimantan, Purnawan Hadi, said that during these fires, 133 hotspots detected.

“29 of them were in the concession area. There are 10 hotspots in concessions which already has Cultivation Rights (HGU or Hak Guna Usaha, the other 19 in the process of issuance of HGU,” he said, after the meeting of the establishment of the task force on the reduction of haze and forest and land fire.

The police chief of Central Kalimantan, Brigadier General Fakhrizal said, the actors involved in the land burning will be punished.”If there are indications of deliberate forest and land burning will be dealt with the firm law.” Maturidi


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