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5 Things in Paris Agreement Package

December 13, 2015

The Paris agreement is final. Nearly 200 nations adopt treaty to limit global temperature rise rate.

First treaty, which agreed by countries in Geneva in February, as many as 86 pages. After two revisions, the draft is reduced to just 12 pages containing five important points.


In Paris, the countries agreed to prevent the increase of the average temperature of the Earth exceed two degrees Celsius. For the first time in the climate negotiations, a group of countries to throw more ambitious target. Namely, preventing the warming exceeds 1.5 degrees Celsius.

In the last two decades, the average temperature of the earth has risen one degree Celsius higher than in the 1800s. The result is rapid climate shifts, which cause great disaster and submerge some coastal.


In the agreement, the countries agreed to offset the consumption of fossil energy sources with the absorption of greenhouse gas emissions through the planting of trees and the technology to prevent the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.


The world will look for patterns of emissions measurement for each country. Including monitoring the progress of voluntary emissions targets provided by each country. Every five years, starting from 2018, there will be a global assessment to calculate whether the entire effort is sufficient to achieve the target below two degrees Celsius.
In 2020, each country also required to renew their commitment or compose new commitments every five years.


Small island states complained about the magnitude of the adaptation challenge due to the increasingly extreme climatic conditions. To accommodate these needs, in Paris, the diplomats agreed to establish a mechanism for the provision of experts, disaster preparedness efforts, and insurance for vulnerable countries.


In 2009, a group of developed countries promised to raise annual funding of 100 billion US dollars started in 2020. In the Paris Agreement manuscript, countries expect that climate finance should be more progressive than the promise. Unfortunately, no nominal agreed. <strong>Clara Rondonuwu</strong>


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