507 Thousand Hectares Forest in NTB Damaged

The rate of forest and land destruction in West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) is still quite large. The extent of 507 thousand hectares consists of 230 thousand hectares in forest area and 277 thousand hectares outside the forest region. Whereas forest area is 1,071,722 hectares or 53.14 percent of the entire NTB land on which reached […]

Whale Hunting in Lamalera

Fishermen from Lamalera Village, Wulandoni, East Nusa Tenggara, managed to take home three whales on Thursday. Mikael Radjamuda Bataona, a local resident, mentioned that fishermen scrambled on a hunt, after the three whales were sighted in Lamalera waters. Whale hunting has been Lamalera’s tradition for generations. Lamalera villagers usually perform a traditional ritual before waging the […]

African Lion Cubs Die in Riau Zoo

Three African lions (Pantera leo) cubs which were born at Kasang Kulim Kampar Zoo, Riau, on November 24, had finally died. The three babies gave up in different times; one of the cubs lived for five days, but unfortunately could not be saved.

Rafflesia Flower Blooms in Bengkulu

A Raflessia arnoldi flower has been in bloom in the forest of Liku Sembilan, Central Bengkulu, for the past few days. Passersby have been stopping by the site to witness and capture this rare and unique experience.

Bengkulu Elephant Dies of Poison

A 27-year-old elephant named Yanti that belongs to Elephant Training Centre (PLG) in Putri Hijau sub-district, North Bengkulu Regency, Bengkulu, has been found dead with bleedings on her eyes, ears, mouth and genital on Thursday. She was suspected of being poisoned.

Illegal Liger Discovered in Bogor

A liger, a cross-breed between a lion and a tiger, was found posh villa located somewhere in Bogor. The animal was believed to be illegally bred by humans as cross-breeding of these two species can endanger the existence of the wildlife.