Aceh Tamiang villagers learning organic farming

Langsa, Ekuatorial – At least 25 villagers of Aceh Tamiang district will be learning theories and practices about agriculture in Babo village, Bandar Pusaka sub-district, at the Field School for the first time, said the coordinator of the event, recently. Different from conventional learning, Field School will be teaching eco-friendly agriculture, including on how to […]

People who Harvest Fogs

Drought has hit parts of Indonesia. Climate change has exacerbated the sufferings of impoverished farmers, leaving only a handful who managed to stay in the rice fields. This is a story about farmers who try to survive amid the drought, and find a way out by harvesting fogs., Semarang. All afternoon Kasilah had been […]

Permit is an instrument for control : Minister of Environment and Forestry

Jakarta, Ekuatorial – Three major issues, regulation, campaign, and permit, will be crucial for environment ministry to tackle, said Siti Nurbaya, Minister of Environment and Forestry, in Jakarta, on Wednesday (29/10). “Permit is an instrument for control. So, it should be corrected to the public that permit is not a transaction,” Nurbaya said adding that […]

Decline forest areas trigger man-elephant conflict in Lampung

Bandarlampung, Ekuatorial – Declining forest areas had increased elephant and human conflict in Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park, in Lampung, said an activist recently. Ali Rizqi Arasyi, Park Management Coordinator of WWF Project Lampung, said that habitat loss triggered elephants ravaging villagers’ plantations and houses, especially Sukaraja village of Tanggamus district, Pemerihan and Sumberejo villages […]

Actors of Forest Fires In Riau Should Be Punished

More than 70 percent of fires occur outside the forest area. 99 percent of land and forest fires are due to human intentionally burned. Despite repeated smoke haze in Riau occurred every year, but the fact of forest fire are still happening. Based on the observation satellites Terra and Aqua recorded 286 hotspots in Sumatra […]

Lorentz National Park Status as World Heritage Threatened Terminated

Deforestation in Papua is threatening natural reservation programs that carried out at the Lorentz National Park and UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) may revoke its status as a world heritage site. The government has implemented several efforts to preserve the world heritage sites in order to satisfy UNESCO. [Read full text on […]

East Aceh Forest Service Secure Logs Without Document

East Aceh Forest Service securing 10 Kruing logs result of illegal logging, in Bireum Bayeun, Langsa, Aceh. Chief of the agency said that this non-document timber is taken from the business due location of PT. Mopoli Kingdom. [Read full text on Aceh Terkini]

Bandung Faces Clean Water Crisis

Bandung and its neighboring areas are now under threat of clean water crisis due to the rampant construction of buildings in the northern part of the city. Consequently, those buildings have made rainwater dumped into the river. “Previously, the land absorbed the rainwater,” said President Director of the city water tap company, (PDAM) Tirtawening, Bandung, Pian […]

Wasur Residents Have Limited Access in the Conservative Area

As many as 348 families (KK) who live in the Wasur National Park area face life difficulties as they can not clear the land in the conservative area. This statement was said by acting head of Wasur village, Yohanes Mahuze in a dialogue with commander XVII / Cenderawasih, Maj. Christian Sebua in the Wasur village on […]