The Nagari Talang Babungo community in Solok Regency, West Sumatra, is learning to manage household waste with eco-enzymes.

Managing household waste can be approached in various ways, such as by creating eco-enzymes. The waste management program, utilizing eco-enzymes, is currently being implemented in Nagari Talang Babungo, Hiliran Gumanti District, Solok Regency, West Sumatra.

The Center of Research on Recycling and Organic Waste Management (CRROWM), through Eco Enzyme Biology ( at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Padang State University (UNP), in collaboration with the Alam Hijau Lestari Foundation (Akar Pohon), organized a socialization event on household waste management as part of the “Gumanti Bersih 2022” program.

The event, officially opened on Sunday (17/7) and continuing until the end of July 2022, was attended by the Head of Hiliran Gumanti Subdistrict, Wali Nagari, Head of Jorong, members of the Family Welfare Empowerment (PKK), School Principals, UNP Community Service Students (KKN), and the local community.

Akar Pohon Foundation and, with assistance from students from the Department of Biology, FMIPA UNP, students from the UNP Nature Lovers (Mapala), and KKN students from UNP, conducted a socialization session on managing household (organic) waste using stacked buckets and creating eco enzymes for the people of Hiliran Gumanti District. The aim was to raise public awareness about the importance of waste management.

This activity marks the beginning of a long-term program to promote household waste management in Hiliran Gumanti, extending to the Gumanti Valley and Kembar Lake areas.

The event commenced with a workshop on waste management and waste banks, presented by Vianti Sami, the Head of the Regional Technical Implementation Unit (UPTD) for Waste at the West Sumatra Province Environmental Service. The topic of Eco Enzyme was presented by the founders of, Siska Alicia Farma, and M.Biomed, who are also the secretaries of the UNP CRROWM Research Center. The discussion on Nagari’s policy regarding waste management was delivered by the Head of Nagari, Hafizur Rahman.

“This activity will undoubtedly have a significant impact because waste management is currently a top priority in environmental programs. Additionally, government support for waste management programs will be coordinated through BUMNAG,” stated Vianti Sami, quoted from the official website on Monday, January 21, 2024.

Following the discussion, the activity proceeded with waste management practices using stacked buckets by Akar Pohon and eco-enzyme creation by Ecoby for all attendees.

During this session, detailed explanations were provided on the materials used, measurements, the process, and the benefits of the waste management results. The waste management using stacked buckets yields solid organic fertilizer and liquid organic fertilizer (POC). Meanwhile, Eco Enzyme is a versatile liquid that can be used for cleaning, medicinal purposes, and as fertilizer.

“This activity goes beyond mere socialization and practice; Akar Pohon and also distributed stacked buckets and the eco enzyme products that were created to the attendees,” said Siska Alicia Farma, who is also a Biology lecturer at FMIPA UNP.

Siska explained that the distributed stacked buckets would be utilized by the community for managing household waste. Meanwhile, eco-enzyme distribution allows people to immediately experience the benefits while independently creating eco-enzymes.

“In addition, some of the distributed eco enzyme is poured into rivers polluted by pesticide residue from residents’ agriculture. This runoff will be used for research into the benefits of eco enzymes for river ecosystems,” she added.

Alan Munir, Chairman of the Akar Pohon Foundation, mentioned that Akar Pohon donated a waste shredding machine to the Pro-Climate Group at KBA Tabek, used to reactivate the existing “Trash Bank.” Akar Pohon also distributed tree seedlings to farmer groups, aiming to rehabilitate deforested land on the hills surrounding Hiliran Gumanti District.

“So it can help in resolving the water crisis that is hitting us,” said Alan Munir.

This activity is not a one-day event; Akar Pohon and have committed to providing regular assistance in waste management over the next two years in Hiliran Gumanti District and its surroundings. The program aims to transform people’s behavior from careless disposal of rubbish to a community capable of utilizing waste for a clean, healthy life while maintaining a protected environment.

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