Mercury poisoning found in Bengawan Solo river, research says

Wonogiri, Ekuatorial – A research on Thursday (26/6) revealed high level of mercury found in Bengawan Solo river due to massive gold mining. Based on research conducted by University of Sebelas Maret. mercury level in the area has exceeded its standard, which is 0,002 milligrams per liter. “Mercury level should be 0 in accordance to […]

Poor sanitation polluting well water in Manado

Manado, Ekuatorial – North Sulawesi Environmental Agency on Friday (27/2) revealed that most of people’s wells were polluted resulted from increasing population and poor sanitation. “We took samples from 12 wells randomly during 2014. As a result, they were showing poor water quality of their wells,” said Sonny Runtuwene, head of the agency adding that […]

Piled up garbage angered Bupati

Timika, Jubi – Mimika Bupati Entinus Omaleng, SE, was angry seeing piles of garbage at the street causing less favorable view. Omaleng’s wrath was seen as he drove towards Timika city roads which were filled with waste during his unannounced inspection, on Monday (15/12). “The officer definitely did not pick up this trash. In addition, […]

Ministry of Environment upgrade its clean city award category

Jakarta, Ekuatorial – The Ministry of Environment promised to revitalized its clean city awards following criticisms on the low credibility of the program, said a senior official. The clean city award, dubbed as Adipura award which was launched since 1986, is under heavy criticisms for being not truly reflecting the cities’ performance on environment and […]