Ministry of Environment upgrade its clean city award category

Jakarta, Ekuatorial – The Ministry of Environment promised to revitalized its clean city awards following criticisms on the low credibility of the program, said a senior official. The clean city award, dubbed as Adipura award which was launched since 1986, is under heavy criticisms for being not truly reflecting the cities’ performance on environment and […]

Nabire Dirty with Garbage, Residents Complain

Residents complained about the amount of garbage in every corner of the Nabire City. In some major connecting roads, garbage is piling up the road. This is because the city has no landfills and its inadequate waste disposal facilities. Residents hope Nabire Government immediately fix the garbage problem in urban areas. Read full text on […]

The Use of Wood Saplings in Kendari would be Prohibited

Widespread use of forest wood saplings or dolken as construction material in Kendari reap the spotlight of Kendari Mayor Dr. Ir Asrun. He will stop the use of dolken because of the massive impact on deforestation. He also is considering to ban the use of dolken in Kendari, [Read full text on Berita Lingkungan]

Only 20 Percent of South Tangerang Waste Transported

Head of Cleanliness, Parks and Cemeteries Sector of South Tangerang Yepi Suherman recognizes waste management in the area of ​​Tangerang regency is not maximized. It can be seen from the small number of waste transported each day, only 20 percent or 120 tons from 600 tons that can be transported each day. [Read full text […]

The Case Traces of Clarion Hotel Kendari EIA

Grand Clarion Hotel in Kendari, Southeast Sulawesi, re-examined the chronological development by Wahana Lingkungan Hidup (Walhi) Southeast Sulawesi for allegedly not having built EIA since the beginning of 2012 ago. Party BLH Kendari and Clarion Management also stated that hotel EIA is being made​​. Walhi then questioned the firmness of government and law enforcement agencies. […]

New Island Discovered in Bekasi

Head of The Center of Limnology Research Center for Indonesia’s Science Institution (LIPI) Gadis Sri Haryani, said that there is a new land mass discovered just 2 kilometers off the coast of Sederhana Beach, Bekasi, due to sedimentation. She said that it was a natural process that was caused by a river’s current after the flood […]

New Island Suddenly Emerges at Bekasi Sea

Bekasi Fishermen found a land emerged from the sea forming a new island with two-kilometer length and 15-meter width. The merged-land is located two kilometers from Sederhana beach, Bekasi, and becomes crowdedly visited by people. A community leader, Runci, explained that the phenomenon occurred for the first time in Bekasi northern coast. He speculated that the […]

Green Wedding: Balikpapan Requiring Couples to Plant Trees

Tri Neno Nugroho, 28, and his bride-to-be Riska Widyastuti, 25, were all smiles as they handed over four seedlings to urban ward officials in Balikpapan, East Kalimantan. No, it was not a symbolic gesture signifying a budding relationship: instead, the city’s environmental agency has required couples that wish to wed to donate plants in order for them […]