Paliyan Locals Resist the Construction of an Airport

Dozens of locals in Paliyan, Temon, Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta incorporated in the Wahana Tri Tunggal (WTT) rally support to resist the plan to build a new airport in Kulon Progo. This mega project was considered troubling the locals due to the risk of losing their agricultural land. [Read full text on Kabar Kota]

Scientist: Palm Plantations Hurt Biodiversity

Scientific research reveals that oil-palm plantations established on primary or secondary forests are unsuitable habitats for the majority of forest-dwelling native species, a finding that indicates biodiversity may be compromised, according to a new report. On the downside for forests, expanding oil palm cultivation leads to deforestation and destroys natural habitats, said Sini Savilaakso, a tropical forest ecologist […]

“Mount Ciremai for Sale” and Geothermal Complicated Issue

Following Geothermal Energy development by Chevron at  Mount Ciremai area in West Java, many rumors erupted. One silly issue says  Ciremai have been sold by the government at the price of Rp 60 trillion to Chevron Geothermal Ltd. This issue is considered as a reflection the complexity of developing geothermal energy in Indonesia. [Story by […]

Companies Investigated Over Forest Fires in Riau

The Riau Police are looking for companies or financiers believed to have hired farmers and residents to clear trees by fire. “We are searching for the financiers,” Riau Police chief Brig. Gen. Condro Kirono told the media at a coordinated meeting at the Riau Haze Disaster Mitigation command post at Roesmin Nurjadin Air Base in Pekanbaru […]

Mbuti People not to Blame for Sea Abrasion

The intensity of sand excavations at Lampu Satu Beach and surrounding areas has resulted sea abrasion, but when many houses of local community were affected by seawater, some people blamed it on Mbuti people. [Continue reading on Tabloid Jubi]

Indonesian environmentalists reject deforestation map

The Global Forest Watch 2.0, an interactive platform to track global deforestation in near-real time data, was launched on Thursday aimed to provide reliable and up to date data that can help in better forest policies and management. Developed by the World Resources Institute, the University of Maryland, Google, the UN Environment Program and other […]

BMKG Monitor Hotspots in Aceh, Sumut, and Riau

Based on the monitoring of the Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agent (BMKG), South Sumatra is still safe from hotspots that could potentially cause fire of forest and plantations, although the last few days several provinces in Sumatra started being detected many hotspots. [Read full text on Green Journalist]