Ekuatorial provides timely news and visualizations about the oceans, forests, and natural disasters of Indonesia. Contributed to by a network of publications and journalists associated with the Society of Indonesian Environmental Journalists, Ekuatorial is a GeoJournalism website that combines storytelling with data visualization to contextualize events with the broader patterns of environmental change. The data used in Ekuatorial will always be freely available for download and renewed frequently. As a story syndicator, Ekuatorial enables journalists to share breaking environmental news between media houses and transmit local perspectives to international audiences.

SIEJ’s network of journalists extends throughout the country and priority has been given publish stories from local media houses in areas closest to major environmental changes. Anyone is free to participate in the publication of stories, using the Submit a Story button. However, Ekuatorial will only accept stories that have been already published by media and will not accept copies of press releases.

Maps & Data
In order to make Ekuatorial’s maps, the team aggregates and synthesizes data from a wide range of stakeholders including governments, CSOs, and community groups. Once the maps are made, they can be distributed online using the Share a Map feature. This tool creates custom embed codes, much like a YouTube video, that can be used to republish Ekuatorial’s maps in other websites.

Chief Editor:
Director of the Society of Indonesian Environmental Journalists, IGG Maha Adi

Project Manager:
Clara Rondonuwu

Technical Team
Ronald Simanjuntak

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This project was created with the financial support of the David and Lucile Packard Foundation. In addition, mapping features have been supported by Mapbox and CaroDB.

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