MOEF : 71 percent out of 2000 companies comply to environment regulations

Jakarta, Ekuatorial – More than quarter of 2,000 companies in Indonesia were indicated did not comply to environmental regulations, said a senior official in Jakarta, on Thursday (27/11). “Up to date, we recorded 71 percent out of 2,000 companies for Proper program has better compliance. Meanwhile, 29 percent do not obey regulations, said Karliansyah, deputy […]

Atjeh Post : Aceh Governor not firm enough on mining moratorium

Based on GeRak Aceh study, Fernan said, 134 mining activity licenses (IUP) have already being given by bupati [head of district], must be reviewed in the following year. Aceh Anti-Corruption Movement Institution, or GeRak, criticized Aceh governor for not being firm implementing mining moratorium. GeRAK criticized that Aceh governor only interested in building his image […]

Villagers relocated over mining activities

Manado, Ekuatorial – As much as 162 families of Ehe village, Bangka island, North Sulawesi, have approved mining activities in the region, meaning that they will soon be relocated to other region, said a villager, on Monday (10/11) “Around 95 percent have already sold their houses and lands to the company. It means that Ehe […]

People who Harvest Fogs

Drought has hit parts of Indonesia. Climate change has exacerbated the sufferings of impoverished farmers, leaving only a handful who managed to stay in the rice fields. This is a story about farmers who try to survive amid the drought, and find a way out by harvesting fogs., Semarang. All afternoon Kasilah had been […]

Bandarlampung dodge water crisis through biopores, says activist

Bandarlampung, Ekuatorial – Dealing with water scarcity, researchers with civil society in Lampung province pushing local people to implement biopores program, said an activist in Bandarlampung, on Tuesday (14/10). Biopores, or Biopori in Indonesian are small holes drilled into the ground, at least one meter deep, which would be able to absorb water into the […]

Thirty springs dried up, villagers in Mount Lawu face water crisis

Karanganyar, Ekuatorial – Due to long dry season, water discharge in thirty springs in Mount Lawu, Central Java, have been decreasing, said an official on Monday (6/10), in Karanganyar district, Central Java. “This is the first time for water discharges in 30 springs in Mount Lawu are decreasing. [I find it] very ridiculous for water […]

Officials shut down illegal mining in Mount Lawu

Karanganyar, Ekuatorial – Amid strong rejections from local villagers, officials on Tuesday (2/10) finally shutting down illegal mining in Karanganyar district, Central Java. On Sunday, local villagers have complained on mining activities in the slopes of Mount Lawu, especially to extract sands. They feared that the activities might trigger landslides and flash floods which will […]

Yogyakarta mapped out dry-season-affected areas

Yogyakarta, – The Yogyakarta Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) mapped out 24 sub-districts affected with water crisis as the result of drought. Head of the agency Gatot Saptadi said that 24 sub-districts comprised of 15 sub-districts in Gunung Kidul, four sub-districts in Bantul, four sub-districts in Kulon Progo and one in Sleman. “For Yogjakarta, […]

Illegal Mining in Mount Lawu threatened local villagers

Karanganyar, Ekuatorial – Despite of protests from local villagers, illegal mining in Karanganyar district, Central Java were getting worse threatening not only their lives but also their homes, said a villager on Sunday (29/9). Located in the slopes of Mount Lawu, illegal miners have been plainly dispatching heavy machineries to extract sands. These miners, comprise […]