Illegal mining threatens Mount Lokon of South Sulawesi

Tomohon, Ekuatorial – Mount Lokon of North Sulawesi was facing destruction as more than dozens of mining companies exploiting its sands and stones, said a local villager to Ekuatorial, recently. “If a company exploits around five hectares of lands, it means that hundreds of lands at Mount Lokon’s slope are dig up every year for […]

Rajabasa geothermal project starts construction phase

Bandarlampung, Ekuatorial – After rejected by local villagers, geothermal power plant in Mount Rajabasa, South Lampung, has begun construction in early December, said Franky Tungka, Site Support Manager of PT Supreme Energy, a company focus on geothermal energy mostly working Sumatra island, recently. The first construction, Tungka said, was to built a dock which would […]

Nine companies earned Green Award from Ministry of Environment and Forestry

Jakarta, Ekuatorial – Nine companies received “Gold” from Ministry of Environment and Forestry’s assessment on companies towards environmental law, known simply as Proper, in Jakarta, on Tuesday (2/12). The nine companies are PT Badak NGL, PT Medco E&P Indonesia, PT Bukit Asam Persero tbk, PT Pertamina Geothermal Energi area Kamojang, PT Holcim Indonesia tbk area […]

MOEF : 71 percent out of 2000 companies comply to environment regulations

Jakarta, Ekuatorial – More than quarter of 2,000 companies in Indonesia were indicated did not comply to environmental regulations, said a senior official in Jakarta, on Thursday (27/11). “Up to date, we recorded 71 percent out of 2,000 companies for Proper program has better compliance. Meanwhile, 29 percent do not obey regulations, said Karliansyah, deputy […]

Atjeh Post : Aceh Governor not firm enough on mining moratorium

Based on GeRak Aceh study, Fernan said, 134 mining activity licenses (IUP) have already being given by bupati [head of district], must be reviewed in the following year. Aceh Anti-Corruption Movement Institution, or GeRak, criticized Aceh governor for not being firm implementing mining moratorium. GeRAK criticized that Aceh governor only interested in building his image […]

Villagers relocated over mining activities

Manado, Ekuatorial – As much as 162 families of Ehe village, Bangka island, North Sulawesi, have approved mining activities in the region, meaning that they will soon be relocated to other region, said a villager, on Monday (10/11) “Around 95 percent have already sold their houses and lands to the company. It means that Ehe […]

Bandarlampung dodge water crisis through biopores, says activist

Bandarlampung, Ekuatorial – Dealing with water scarcity, researchers with civil society in Lampung province pushing local people to implement biopores program, said an activist in Bandarlampung, on Tuesday (14/10). Biopores, or Biopori in Indonesian are small holes drilled into the ground, at least one meter deep, which would be able to absorb water into the […]

Thirty springs dried up, villagers in Mount Lawu face water crisis

Karanganyar, Ekuatorial – Due to long dry season, water discharge in thirty springs in Mount Lawu, Central Java, have been decreasing, said an official on Monday (6/10), in Karanganyar district, Central Java. “This is the first time for water discharges in 30 springs in Mount Lawu are decreasing. [I find it] very ridiculous for water […]