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Desember 09, 2011

thumbnailSIEJ, Durban – REDD+ pilot project implementation in Central Kalimantan was criticized by Friends of the Earth, because it did not accommodate the community. Kuntoro promised to engage them in a discussion. “I have not read their report but we will invite them (for a discussion),” he says accompanied by Vice Head of REDD+ Task Force Heru Prasetyo after a press conference in COP 17 Durban, Wednesday (8/12).

Head of REDD+ Task Force Indonesia Kuntoro Mangkusubroto responds such criticisms on emission reduction program from a number of community organizations. He promises to discuss this critic and invite them in a discussion. One of the critics from Friends of the Earth (FoE) International is on Kalimantan Forest Carbon Partnership (KFCP), a pilot project performance between Central Kalimantan regional government with Australia. This project was implemented on one million hectare peat land that was once a rice field.

In its report on In the REDD: Australia’s carbon offset project in Central Kalimantan, FoE lists down its flaws such as not accommodating the aspiration of local communities and nearby forests due to poor socialization process. Another is that the process is planned for Australia carbon offset – according to reports quoted by FoE. REDD+ project should not lessen Australia’s obligation to reduce its emission.

Supported by investigation of Telapak Indonesia Foundation and Environmental Investigation Agency, this report highlights a number of flaws such as a relatively insignificant peat re-forestation areas of around 3 thousand-hectare compared to 50 thousand-hectare of community-led re-forestation.

H.E. Hans Brattskar, the ambassador of Norway’s Climate and Forest Initiative,  who participated in this press conference stated that his country was pleased with the progress achieved by REDD+ projects in Indonesia and even complimented the task force. “The project in Indonesia is the first of its kind in the world,” he says, “and we continue to support this program in 2012.” Executive Director UNEP Achim Steiner also admits these achievements and acknowledged the high level of complexity and difficulties of REDD+ pilot project in Indonesia. (IGGM)


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