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Soputan Eruption, Sam Ratulangi Airport Closed

Wednesday January 6th, 2016

Manado, Ekuatorial – The volcanic ash eruption of Mount Soputan forcing Sam Ratulangi Airport to be closed temporarily.

It is delivered by the General Manager of Angkasa PuraI of Sam Ratulangi Airport, Halendra Waworuntu.

“Dust from Soputan already entered the airways area and endanger the flight. There are seven flights from various airlines to and from Manado had to be canceled,” said Halendra.

It was also said, the closure of the airport will continue to be evaluated every hour. If it possible, will be reopened.

The flights that were canceled are Citilink IG 951 from Manado to Jakarta at 19.15, Lion Air JT 740 from Makassar to Manado at 22.00, JT 770 at 22.20 from Jakarta to Manado, JT 730 at 22.45 from Manado to Balikpapan and JT 926 at 23.35 from Denpasar to Manado.

Meanwhile, Garuda Indonesia delayed the flight of GA 606 from Jakarta to Manado scheduled to arrive at 22.55 and GA 470 Manado – Sorong – Jayapura scheduled to depart at 04.50.

As reported, the activity of Mount Soputan still has the potential to erupt. Volcanic ash gushed to a height of 2,000 meters. Thick ash tends toward the southeast, with a glide material leads to the east. Yoseph Ikanubun


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