Zulkifli Mangkau is a freelance journalist who is interested in the sea and coastal communities. He also loves photography and videography. Zulkifli entered the world of journalism from when he was still studying at Gorontalo State University (UNG). He is active in the Red Maron UNG Student Press and was once a reporter for a local online media in Gorontalo. A year after graduation, he decided to work as a freelancer starting early 2020. Zulkifli frequently writes on environmental, health, cultural, human rights, socio-economic, and historical issues, including for Lipunaratif.com, kanaldesa.com and Newnaratif.com. He is also active as chairman of the organization and management of the Gorontalo City Alliance of Independent Journalists (AJI) 2021-2024. Zulkifli has also been a volunteer for Friends of the Indonesian Island Chapter for Gorontalo since 2019 until now.