Wahyu Chandra is a native of Pinrang, South Sulawesi who completed his undergraduate studies in international relations and postgraduate studies in anthropology at Hasanuddin University. He has been a contributor to Mongabay-Indonesia since 2013, and a video contributor since 2021. Apart from being a journalist, he is also active in social, cultural, and indigenous research. Wahyu has written various books including Good News from the Coast: A Portrait of Coastal Community Empowerment in Makassar through CCDP-IFAD (2016), Hikayat Pesisir (Story of the Coast, 2017), and Paddling in the Waves: Portrait of the Potential and Problems of Sea, Coastal and Small Islands in South Sulawesi, Mangrove Teluk Palu (Palu Bay Mangrove, 2022), and Sea Cucumber in Sapuka Island Towards Sustainable Small-Scale Sea Cucumber Fisheries (2022).